In the ambiance of classical French style, starting with personal service and consultation, Le Spa Parisien takes you to a blissful journey through soothing and joyful spa experience only that the Westin can offer.

Treatment rooms

Your therapist takes you to the treatment room, which is named after French regions.
Using natural and high quality treatment items carefully selected from European brands, treatments by professional therapist enhances natural healing and regenerating power that human body has.

Treatment rooms (7 rooms)

Deluxe rooms (3 rooms)
Luxury suites (2 rooms )
Luxury suites with bronze bathtub. (2 rooms)

Luxury suite

Luxury suite offers more private ambiance and makes you feel as if you are having a treatment in the room of the house in Paris.
The bronze bathtub in the suite with a smooth curve was made by craftsman in Europe. It enhances treatment effect and promises you a graceful moment.

Upgrade to luxury suite

  • Treatment time + 10 minutes  8,000 JPY

Upgrade to our spa suite for 2 persons for an intimate experience.

Double suite with bronze bathtub  2 rooms

Ile de France / Pays de la Loire

Double suite  1 room (also available for couples)


Single suite  1 room

Cote d’Azur

Aqua Area

Take your time and relax in the Aqua Area before the treatment.
Calm your mind in the steam room surrounded by grapefruits and mint aroma and relax your muscles in the jet bath that brings out the best treatment results.

Jet Bath

Steam Sauna

Dry Sauna (only in men’s area)

Relaxation lounge

Take your time to get rest after the treatment over a cup of herb tea in the Relaxation Lounge with private sections divided by optic curtains.