In Room Spa

Enjoy full-service spa treatment in the guestroom, where you can enjoy luxury and comfort in private. “In-Room Spa Service by Westin” is our original service that we bring the mobile spa bed and spa basket with various spa items to your room so that you can relax before and after the treatment. It was designed by Westin’s brand spa team and introduced to the Westin Hotels & Resort as a brand standard for the first time in the industry.

※ Spa Basket
The basket full of items that brings you a relaxing time. It includes a bottle of mineral water, fresh flowers and original relaxation music CD as well as a little healthy treat like a box of dark chocolate. Also aroma oil and air freshener is available for you to have massage surrounded by your favorite aroma.

Service hours



◆Relax  60 minutes   JPY20,000
Feel your body is relieved from fatigue and relaxed through oil therapy with the smooth strokes. This Swedish therapy releases fatigue and stiffness of entire body, as you feel your inner body gets relaxed.

◆Restore  60 minutes   JPY23,000
Working directly on muscles, this therapy releases muscle tension and brings back physical balance and resets the body clock. Get refreshed and rebalance your body by taking back your energy that your body needs.

◆Signature treatment  60 minutes    JPY27,000
Enjoy Le Spa Parisien’s signature treatment using shea butter, plant derived oil taken from natural shea trees. Using shea butter, which has various effects such as moisturizing, improving blood circulation and anti-aging, this treatment gives intensive cares to the part of the body for your needs.


Body treatments and massage are also available after 19:00.