Regular Treatments

Le Spa Parisien’s regular menu offers variety of treatments, which you can choose the best one according to your facial and body condition.

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Body Therapy

Experience the technique by professional hands of our therapist, who gives you a treatment while sensing what your mind and body needs. You can choose your favorite aroma for 90 minutes menu from our original blended aroma oil.


■Fascia Body Work  90 minutes  JPY 33,000
This most popular treatment at Le Spa Parisien relaxes stiffness of muscles in the deep part of your body through fascia therapy. (Entire body except abdomen)

Fascia is fibro-collagen, which covers muscles and cells. Fascia therapy gives your body more mobility by stretching fibra and relaxing stiffness.

■Jet lag therapy 60 minutes  JPY 22,000
Focusing on your back, this fascia therapy relaxes your entire body including scalp.
Fascia is fibro-collagen, which covers muscles and cells, and this therapy gives your body more mobility by stretching fibra and relaxing stiffness.

■Customized body therapy 60 minutes  JPY 20,000 / 90 minutes  JPY 30,000
Customized body therapy to address areas based on your needs.

■Original Swedish   Full body except scalp 90 minutes  JPY 27,000 / Back, both sides of legs and arms 60 minutes  JPY 18,000
Basic oil therapy relaxes muscle fatigue by smooth and rhythmical massage.

■Deep Tissue 60 minutes JPY 19,500 / 90 minutes 29,500
This deep tissue therapy using elbows alleviates the muscle tension.

■Hot stone therapy  90 minutes  JPY 36,000
Improves blood circulation by pressing acupressure points with heated stone.

■Maternity Bliss  60 minutes  JPY 24,000
Oil therapy for mothers to be. It relaxes back and legs, which are weighted by growing belly from pregnancy.

※This treatment is good for those who are more than 16 weeks of pregnancy.



Body Slimming

Works for fat and cellulite to accelerates metabolism and egests excessive water, which causes waste and swelling.
Periodical care is recommended. ※Available for women only.

■Sliming Body  120 minutes  JPY 39,000
Full body sliming care using Algotherm.
Treatment includes scrub, sliming treatment and body wrap.



Body Wrap

Delivers minerals to the body and tune up the system. It includes full body scrub. Combining with body therapy is recommended. ※Available for women only.

■Detoxifying mud wrap (sea mud)  60 minutes  JPY 22,000
Algotherm is used for this menu.

100% natural sea mud from France provies various effects such as releasing muscle fatigue and decomposing cellulite in addition to whitening. Recommended for those who expect detoxifying effect.


Sliming seaweed wrap (seaweed)  60 minutes   JPY 22,000
Algotherm is used for this menu.

Blending ingredients with lipolytic action such as seaweed, caffeine and citrus essential oil, it works on cellulite and promotes metabolism.


■Balancing mineral wrap (gel)  60 minutes  JPY 22,000
Algothem is used for this menu.

Seaweed containing rich minerals helps to control mineral balance in your skin. It brings moisture and firmness to your skin by excreting excess water to reduce swelling.


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Facial Therapy

Your complexion reflects your inner and well-being, with our selection of facial therapies, it will keep your skin youthful and flawless.



High functional skincare line developed by French dermatologist combining nano-technology and phyto-aromatherapy. It works to detoxify the cause of skin troubles.

■Revitalizing facial    90 minutes   JPY 33,000
Improves the flow of lymphatic system by hand technique of therapist and rejuvenates your skin.

Phyto-essence facial    60 minutes   JPY 22,000
Detoxifies the skin with phyto-power and brings back natural beauty to the skin.


 【Sothys 】

French renowned brand for bringing advanced skin care and expertise to consumers exclusively through the best spas worldwide.   

■ Intensive Youth Facial    90 minutes  JPY 39,000
This intensive facial treatment reverses the signs of aging with immediate and long-lasting results. It revives skin radiance and alleviates wrinkles and sagging due to aging or UV damage.  

■ Sensitive SPA facial    60 minutes  JPY 23,000
This facial is formulated to address the sensitivity of all skin types. It soothes all symptoms of discomfort and balances the skinʼs tolerance threshold.


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Body & Facial

Get yourself in shape with body and facial treatments and feel your inner and outer body is in harmony.


■Four-hand therapy 30 minutes JPY 35,000 / 90 minutes JPY 52,000

The most luxurious body and facial therapies given by two therapists.
Back 30 or 45 minutes/ Body therapy given by two therapist simultaneously.
Front 30 or 45 minutes/ Facial therapy (“Sampar” is used) + Body therapy (by one therapist)


Blessing time  120 minutes   JPY 43,000

Popular menu combining body and facial treatment.
Jet lag therapy (Body) 60 minutes + Facial therapy 60 minutes
※Choose treatment according to your skin condition.


■Harmony body & facial   90 minutes   JPY 34,000
Get yourself in shape through body therapy for a selected part of your body and facial treatment you can choose from two.
Customized body 45 minutes + Facial therapy  45 minutes ※Choose treatment according to your skin condition. No mask included.

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Couple Treatment

Enjoy an exclusive retreat with your loved one in the privacy of our spa suite for a romantic and relaxing time.


■Couple treatment  70 minutes   JPY 39,000

- 10 minutes Foot bath
- 50 minutes Body or Facial treatment
- 10 minutes Tea time

BODY: 45 minutes customized body + 5 minutes head therapy (3 body parts of your choice)
FACIAL: 45 minutes SAMPAR facial +5 minutes head therapy

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