Optional treatments

By request, we recommend you additional treatments. Feel your body and mind are completely relaxed and refreshed.

Optional treatments

◆Milk & aroma bath   30 minutes    JPY 9,900
Treat yourself to an aromatic fragrance bath in our spa suite with moisturizing milk for soothing your skin.

◆Petit facial   30 minutes     JPY 11,000
An express cleansing facial followed by oil therapy of your face and décolletage. ※No scrub included.
Combining with body therapy is recommended.

◆Partial body therapy   30
minutes    JPY 9,900 

Oil therapy for a body part, which you can choose from back or legs. Combining facial therapy is recommended.

◆Marine exfoliation with Algotherm   30 minutes    JPY 9,900
This full body exfoliation with mineral-rich seaweed is perfect to boost and even out your skin tone to restores radiance. 

◆Head therapy   30 minutes    JPY 9,900
An intensive head and neck therapy based on oriental techniques to balance the body's meridian and energy flow. Also effective for eliminating eyestrain.

Optional facial menu

Additional treatments are available according to your skin concerns.

◆Gold leaf mask   15 minutes   JPY 8,640 / 30 minutes   JPY 10,800
Luxurious mask using gold leaves. Gold ion responds to various skin troubles by improving circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid.
Improves sagging skin and wrinkles and also has whitening, sanitization and anti-inflammation effects.


◆Plaster mask  15 minutes   JPY 6,480 / 30 minutes   JPY 9,720
Hot mask, which temperature goes up to 42 degree Celsius keeps nutrients in your skin and lifts up and sharpens up your face line.

◆Collagen mask    JPY 4,320 / 15 minutes   JPY 5,400
Moisturizes dryness and brings back firmness and resilience to your skin. Also reduce redness of the skin.

◆Whitening mask   JPY 4,320 / 15 minutes    JPY 5,400
Cooling mask with whitening agent (arbutin). It prevents skin discoloration and troubles after exposing to UV and enhances clarity and brightness of your skin.

◆Pore tightening mask    JPY 4,320 / 15 minutes   JPY 5,400
Tightens pores by toning the skin and control sebum balance. Also recommended to those who have concerns about blemishes.


Spend more luxurious and relaxing time by upgrading to Luxury Suite.

Treatment time + 10 minutes         8,000

Upgrade to our spa suite for 2 persons for an intimate experience.
(except for Spa Voyage and Couple Treatment)

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